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Welcome to Celia Clinton!

Celia Clinton is a diverse elementary school made up of extraordinary educators, supportive community members, and a persistent student body that creates a warm, safe learning environment for all. The expectation is that educators and community members will work as collaborators and innovators to create a student-centered learning environment that meets the needs of all students.

The environment encourages and develops student's unique experiences and abilities as they grapple daily with rigorous and relevant grade level academic content as well as social and emotional situations that build their character and values. Each student is given all the support that they need to become resilient when faced with failure, both academically and socially, so that they are able to take their next step towards college, career, and life success.

Our mission is to build the skillset of every student so that they are not afraid to tackle ambitious goals, always know that failure just means not YET, and instill an understanding of empathy towards others.

Focus on Parent Engagement

We believe school should be a safe and welcoming place that is a core part of the community. In partnership with the United Way's Community Service Council, we offer a Parent Engagement Room for our families. Through this free program, parents learn tools to help children succeed in school and Spanish-speaking families can access additional support without language barriers, including English classes. Families can also meet our teachers and staff at any of our parent engagement events throughout the year -- from literacy nights to family dinners to school dances!

Focus on the Whole Child

At Celia Clinton, we strive to create high-quality learning experiences that educate the whole child by meeting their social, emotional, and academic needs. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions. We are proud to offer a social worker on campus as well as an embedded counseling agency to support our students' emotional needs.

Community support

One of Celia Clinton's most active partners in education is the Rotary Club of Tulsa. Since 1993, Tulsa Rotarians have mentored and tutored our students, provided them with reading materials and dictionaries and donated more than 1,000 books to the school library. The club itself supports Celia Clinton's family literacy outreach and assists teachers with purchasing classroom supplies.

STEM Programming

Thanks to the support of the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and Devon Energy, every elementary school has a new STEM center where students can participate in fun and engaging hands-on learning activities - including computer coding!

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Dual Language Program

Beginning in pre-K or kindergarten, students in the program speak two different native languages and receive instruction in both English and Spanish. 

Bilingual children who are educated in their second language have been seen to outperform single language children in their native language. Bilingualism also increases brain cognition by utilizing the highest levels of thinking, focus, and awareness.

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Celia Clinton elementary

pre-K - 5th Grade

1740 N. Harvard Ave. Tulsa, OK 74115
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Phone: 918-746-9320
Facebook: CCCougarsTPS

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