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Parental involvement is a combination of commitment and active participation on the part of parent to the school and to the student. As parents you can ensure that your child receives the benefits from parental involvement by staying up to date on what is happening in the classroom.

Tulsa Public Schools is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he or she needs to succeed in school and beyond. As a result, these involvement opportunities empower parents to take action. By connecting parents to school officials, community members, other parents, knowledge, and powerful allies, these opportunities build bridges and networks that support schools and sustain whole communities.



Get involved AT Celia Clinton elementary! 


Check with your child's teacher(s) or school leadership team to find out how you can help out before, during, and after the school day. Volunteers must complete an application and security screening. Contact for more information. 

Parent Teacher Association

Strong school and family partnerships are integral to the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students. We welcome our parents, guardians, and families to be involved with their child's school as volunteers, advocates, and partners in education. Join the Celia Clinton Parent/Teacher Association and attending meetings regularly is a great way to stay engaged with your child's school community. 

Parent Facilitator

Celia Clinton Elementary has a full time Parent Involvement Facilitator.  The Parent Involvement Facilitator works to help parents by connecting them to services when they are in need.  The PIF proudly supports the staff, students, and parents by keeping a calendar of events, works with the PTA and assists to help keep the absenteeism to a minimum.  

Reading Partners

Reading Partners is a national nonprofit that partners with elementary schools to help students develop strong literacy skills. Our volunteer reading partners help students struggling with developing the reading skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Reading Partners is an evidence-based and community-driven organization that welcomes volunteers from all walks of life to help make a difference for Tulsa children. Volunteer with Reading Partners and help our scholars. 

Partners in Education

  • Rotary Club of Tulsa #145
  • Penloyd LLC

We are extremely thankful to our Partners In Education.  Without them, much of what we do would be so much harder.  These companies or organizations provide time, energy, and money to our school.  Thank you!






Celia Clinton’s mission is to build the skills set of every student so that they are not afraid to tackle ambitious goals, always know that failure just means not YET, and instill an understanding of empathy towards others.


Celia Clinton is a diverse elementary school made up of extraordinary educators, supportive community members, and a persistent student body that creates a warm, safe learning environment for all. The expectation is that educators and community members will work as collaborators and innovators to create a student-centered learning environment that meets the needs of all students.

This environment encourages and develops student's unique experiences and abilities as they grapple daily with rigorous and relevant grade level academic content as well as social and emotional situations that build their character and values.

Each student is given all the support that they need to become resilient when faced with failure, both academically and socially, so that they can take their next step towards college, career, and life success.

A. Title 1 Meeting: 

Celia Clinton will hold an annual Title 1 meeting on during our Meet the Teacher night. In this meeting our principal will inform families of the Title 1 Budget, No Child Left Behind Act and expenditures, Annual yearly progress, Oklahoma Core Curriculum, Achieving Classroom Excellence and your right under Title 1. 

B. Communication:

Celia Clinton will use every line of communication possible to ensure our families receive the information necessary in regard to our school such as resources, events or daily classroom information. We have an open-door policy and parents are always welcome to call or visit with administration and/or teachers. Our Parent Facilitator will issue a monthly newsletter along with using Facebook, School Messenger, outside marquee and flyers. PTA will conduct general membership meetings which will go over budget information, school events and fundraisers. 

C. Parent Involvement:

Celia Clinton faculty and staff will promote parental involvement through monthly newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, Literacy Night, Science Fair, monthly community events, and general PTA meetings. 

D. Education: 

Celia Clinton has a Parent Resource room available to our families. The room is setup with computers that have access to the internet. Love and Logic parenting books are available upon request. Our Parent Facilitator will provide Parent learning opportunities from community resources such as Ready for Kindergarten and Ready for PreK.





Nuestra misión es desarrollar las habilidades de los estudiantes para que no tengan miedo de tener grandes metas y que sepan que el fracaso simplemente significa TODABÍA NO y que aprendan a tener empatía hacia los demás.


Celia Clinton es una escuela primaria diversa formada por educadores extraordinarios,miembros de la comunidad que brindan apoyo y un cuerpo estudiantil persistente que crean un ambiente de aprendizaje cálido y seguro para todos. La expectativa es que los educadores y los miembros de la comunidad trabajen como colaboradores e innovadores para crear un ambiente de aprendizaje centrado en el estudiante que satisfecha las necesidades de todos los estudiantes.

Este ambiente anima y desarrolla las experiencias y habilidades únicas de los estudiantes a medida que diariamente enfrentan contenido académico riguroso y relevante a nivel de grado, así como situaciones sociales y emocionales que construyen su caracter y valores.

A cada estudiante se le brinda todo el apoyo que necesita para ser fuerte ante el fracaso, tanto académicamente y socialmente, para que pueda dar el siguiente paso hacia el éxito universitario, profesional y en la vida.

A. Reunión del Título 1:

Celia Clinton llevará a cabo una reunión anual de Título 1 durante nuestra noche Meet the Teacher. En esta reunión, nuestro director informará a las familias sobre el Presupuesto del Título 1, la Ley de Que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás, el progreso  anual, el Currículo Básico de Oklahoma, el Logro de la Excelencia   y su derecho bajo el Título 1.

B. Comunicación:

Celia Clinton utilizará todas las líneas de comunicación posibles para garantizar que nuestras familias reciban la información necesaria con respecto a nuestra escuela, como recursos, eventos o información diaria en la clase. Tenemos una política de puertas abiertas y los padres siempre pueden llamar o visitar a la administration y maestros. Nuestro Facilitador de Padres emitirá un boletín mensual junto con el uso de Facebook, School Messenger, carpa exterior y volantes. La PTA llevará a cabo reuniones generales de membresía que repasarán la información del presupuesto, los eventos escolares y la recaudación de fondos.

C. Participación de los padres:

La facultad y el personal de Celia Clinton promoverán la participación de los padres a través de boletines mensuales, conferencias de padres y maestros, oportunidades de voluntario, Noche de alfabetización, Feria de ciencias, eventos mensuales de la comunidad y reuniones generales de la PTA.

D. Educación:

Celia Clinton tiene una sala de recursos para padres disponible para nuestras familias. La sala está configurada con computadoras que tienen acceso al Internet. Los libros para padres Love and Logic están disponibles a pedido. Nuestro facilitador para padres brindará oportunidades de aprendizaje para padres a partir de recursos de la comunidad, como Ready for Kindergarten y Ready for PreK.


District Involvement Information